Best Schools in Kotagiri Coonoor Ooty The Nilgiris Tamilnadu India


1.Send the students on time.

2.Incase of sickness inform the van driver or send a leave letter / medicines through him.

3.Please check the school dairy every day and sign in the column given.

4.Help them complete their home work every day ( Never write for them ).

5.Send a leave letter on absence.

6.Never disturb the students during the class hours.

7.Revision test will be conducted every Monday. Make them read during weekends.

8.Send a water bottle and hand towel everyday.

9.Send a extra dress / under garments for KG students.

10.Send a hand Kerchief everyday.

11.In case of emergency inform earlier for lunch on paying.

Rs.35/- per day from LKG to Class III.

Rs.40/- per day from Class IV onwards.

12.Suggestions and complaints to be given directly to the Principal / Management.

13.Pay the fees on time. Never let the management leave a notice regarding the same.

14.Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, bad conduct are sufficient reasons for dismissal of the student.

15.Fee should not be sent through bus driver and helpers.




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